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Indulge in the exquisite comfort and style of Ancient Language's Yoga Minded Pant Collection—a carefully curated selection that combines luxury, functionality, and a deep reverence for the ancient art of yoga. Our commitment to quality is evident in every stitch and fabric choice, ensuring a harmonious blend of comfort and mindful design.

For leggings that boast both form and function, we utilize a luxury space dye technique, similar to renowned brands like Beyond Yoga and Alo. This method not only imparts a high-end aesthetic but also ensures a perfect fit that enhances your yoga practice. Slip into our well-fitting leggings, where the luxurious feel meets the demands of your active lifestyle.

Our exclusive Chant Capris and Palazzos are crafted from a bamboo organic cotton spandex blend jersey. This unique combination not only embraces your body with softness but also reflects our dedication to sustainability. Feel the gentle caress of these well-loved pieces as you move through your practice, knowing that they are made from materials that respect both you and the environment.

The success of our Gauze Collection has inspired us to expand these soft, flowy wovens to include more tops and dresses. Immerse yourself in the effortless elegance of gauze, a fabric that effortlessly drapes and moves with you, creating a sense of freedom and grace during your yoga journey.

At Ancient Language, we proudly offer USA-made styles, produced in small batches. This approach ensures that you are investing in the product itself, rather than contributing to excessive inventory and advertising costs. Experience the difference of thoughtfully manufactured garments that prioritize quality over quantity.

Embrace the unique essence of Ancient Language's Yoga Minded Pant Collection, where each piece is a testament to the fusion of ancient wisdom, modern design, and sustainable practices. Elevate your yoga wardrobe with our meticulously crafted pants, and move through your practice with the comfort and confidence that comes from wearing truly exceptional attire.

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The 1st Yoga Collection

The 1st Yoga Collection was created in 1993. This was when Yoga Journal was printed on newprint. Ancient Language was "Chaffins" then and had a pop up at the 1st Yoga Journal Conference. it has been so amazing to watch this niche be embraced by the Western world.